The Danger of American Public "Education" Part 1

“The silence was the most deafening sound, the sound of defeat.” – WWI veteran

America is defeated. This experiment has failed.This experiment which has allowed for the most individual freedom in history. This experiment which has lifted more people out of poverty world wide than ever before. The American experiment was a country that produced: the most innovation, the most creativity, the best manufacturing. 98% of the most important innovations were created in America.  This experiment which has progressed technology above and beyond what we thought was imaginable, time and time again is fallen. It’s over. The United States is breathing its last breath. On the exhale, nothing will be the same. All we can do is reassess, recognize where it went wrong, and rebuild.

So, what did go wrong? How was the greatest, most free, most powerful country in history defeated without a single shot being fired? Ideological Subversion. Ideological subversion was the knife that was used to plunge into the heart of our culture. How was it implemented? The American public school system.  A simple and easily understood explanation of ideological subversion  is provided by a defector of the Soviet Union, Yuri Bezmenov. Even though he speaks of it in terms of country vs. country, the truth is ideological subversion of the American peoples started as early as 150 years ago by Americans! John D. Rockefeller to name one person who was involved in propagating the control and infantilization of the American people. His weapon of choice? Teachers.

Yuri Bezmenov | Ideological Subversion

“There are two groups of people who can always be convinced to consume more than they need to: addicts and children. School has done a pretty good job of turning our children into addicts, but a spectacular job of turning our children into children.” – John Taylor Gatto

This quote by John Taylor Gatto summarizes perfectly the motivation for John D. Rockefeller’s involvement in public schools. He wanted obedient workers, with low impulse control aka. consumers. Andrew Carnegie was another who planted the seeds of our modern public education. Them, and a whole slew of intellectuals with dollar signs for eyes were not even hiding their agenda. Many published works spell it out clearly. Hundreds of books since 1870 (that I could find) written by these slithering villains contain passages like this…

“Our schools are…factories in which the raw products (children) are to be shaped and fashioned…and that it is the business of the school to build its pupils according to the specifications laid down.” 

– Ellwood P. Cubberly (school textbook publisher, Author: “Public School Administration”)

We want one class of persons to have a liberal (classic definition) education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society to forgo the privileges of  a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.” 

– President Woodrow Wilson

Control + Alt + Delete

I mention people like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Cubberly, but the truth is, the persons/people/ organization, that were/are truly conducting this symphony of destruction are unknown. Much like the meeting on Jekyll Island, this creature also hides in the shadows. All we know is they want control. The tricky thing about controlling people is its impossible when everyone is different. So this creature decided to make everyone the same. If everyone is the same and you learn to control one person, you can control them all. 

Conformity is key.

Force children to conform, destroy their life if they don’t. 

Death by the bell.

If school was truly about education, then why would you ever stop learning in what your interested in, just because the bell rang. The bell is a conditioning mechanism. Telling you to move on to the next task, no questions asked. Just do it. [Ring: start work~ Ring: refuel~ Ring: start work~ Ring: recover~ Ring: start work]

The state is your family now.

Anyone with a child in the public school system is not a parent. They produce ants, and that is all the parents are good for. Shortly after birth, your ants are whisked away and are assigned ranks of usefulness. A = Great conformist. Very useful. B= is less useful. A Work in progress C= waste of time. Dont bother. D = socially awkward, keeps to himself. No danger of exposing the system. Burger flipper F= Non-conformist. Do not allow a place in society.

It may sound harsh but the reason why I say the child you birthed is an ant, is because you did not raise that child. The state did. All you did was give it a place to sleep.  Below is a general schedule of a typical public school student.

At what point did you raise this child?

Most likely you are only going to have a few hours a day with your child. And more than likely, because that child barely knows you, and you barely know that child he or she is going to choose to spend free time with friends/tv/video games instead of with you. 

One way they get children to conform is by stunting individuality. They do this by tearing the child away from where real individuality grows, the family and community. This actually has a double purpose. It also lessens the kids confidence and self-esteem.

School is a place where 1 our of 9 kids fear physical harm. Back when kids were working in the factories, 3 out of 4 kids said they would prefer working over going to public school. Things have not gotten any better.


“School is where they learn reading, writing, and arithmetic.”

^ This myth hasn’t been true since the inception of the public school system. It’s true purpose was to make drones, easily manipulated and managed. To create workers who are too stupid to think, and to be conditioned not to ask questions. To separate the child from the family. To shun non-conformists and to drive them underground (Note for millennials: figuratively). 

“You need to go to school to become smart”

^ Kids are already smart. They will become geniuses if you let them. Humans are programmed to follow their interests. School is designed to keep them from doing this. If kids were free to learn what they are interested in, we would have tons of focused specialists in every field. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“You need to go to school to be successful” 

^ If you measure success in dollars this might be true. If you become the best conformist in the school, you will be rewarded in pieces of paper. The perceived value of this paper is constantly decreasing and you cant even pass most of it to your children after you die. Most people alive right now will never own their home because the value of this paper has decreased so much in the past 30 years. Here’s a tangent: why did I know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in 1492, but never learned how to balance a budget before graduating? Which one is more important to 99.999999999% of the population? 

“Public School is cheaper than homeschool.” 

Some states pay you to homeschool (Alaska). If I paid taxes, I would have paid around $8000. Education is 6% of the U.S. mandatory budget. If the DOE was shut down and we got to keep those taxes, I would have saved $480. Would you rather pay $480 to not even know who your child is. Or spend it absolutely knowing your child is getting a better education that is tailored to him or her. Homeschoolers only spend 5 hours a day on school work average. There is no commute time or homework. They will never be bullied. Drug use in homeschoolers is close to nil. They will never be introduced to a caste system where they are demeaned or excluded by authority figures for not doing exactly what they are told. They will never be misdiagnosed with a.d.h.d. And given psychotropic drugs (almost all of the school shootings in the past 30 years involved students on anti-depressants, adhd meds, or in withdrawal from anti-depressants, adhd meds or other psychotropic drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist.) Most of the time first diagnosed by a school psychiatrist. Best of all, you get to spend time with your child. Even if it is more expensive to homeschool, it’s worth it.

“Homeschool kids are not sociable” 

If you are worried about that, there are intramural sports they can join or camps. Clubs at the library. I’m sure you have friends that have kids. Invite them to the beach for a bbq. If you didn’t figure this out already, you probably went to public school. Have your kids play with a range of ages, including adult. The reason why adults act like babies nowadays is because they are not exposed to anyone older than themselves. They are stuck in a class with kids the same age. How are you supposed to mature if you don’t know what maturity is? The only adult they know is the teacher and she is taught to code-switch to their level of maturity. So stupid. Homeschool kids are less weird than public school students in my opinion. I can have conversations with homeschooled kids. Can’t say the same for public school kids. A kid should be excited to tell you about the kind of day he had. Have you ever asked your kid “How was school?” And your kid says “fine.” something is wrong. 

Public schools = Hell

There is so much more to say…

The amount of freedom with the curriculum alone is enough to convince me to homeschool. They will be generally good at many things, but an expert in whatever they choose. Even video games. You can turn video games into a curriculum. Of course some direction and regulation is necessary. But you could potentially have your kid learn how video games are made. The different types of code used. Marketing a video game. Professional gaming and where the money is at. How to become a professional gamer. Start a stream that he can lets-play on during his free time for a few hours every other day after family time. 

I gotta go. I’m getting too worked up over this and I’m losing my focus. Ill follow this article up with more reasons why Public school is fucked up. 

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