Ending the Fed is Easier than you Think

Recently, Trump signed off on the sixth helicopter drop of cash into the U.S. currency supply. For those who are not familiar, this is known as “quantitative easing,” or “QE” for short. It’s is more commonly known as (but rarely referred to by politicians and their ilk) as inflation.

Inflation – When the supply of money is increased, people have more money to offer for goods. If the supply of goods does not increase — or does not increase as much as the supply of money — then the prices of goods will go up. Each individual dollar becomes less valuable because there are more dollars.” – Mises Institute wiki


The fed used to announce these currency injections outright. However, since the Bush administration the amount of cash being supplied has been astronomical, so the fed became clever in their wording in how they described the inflation. 

Here is the problem

Well, there are multiple issues with inflation.

1. The first one is  that prices of goods and services go up. The public has to pay more even though they aren’t earning more.

2. The value of your savings decreases. Because your savings  is just sitting there with dividends less than the rate of inflation, you are actually losing money by saving. Your 401k can buy half as much as it could in the 80’s. Think about that.

3. When the government asks for Q.E. its to stabilize the economy. However, it has the opposite effect. 

4. When I say it has the opposite effect, I don’t mean right now. I mean ten years from now. Right now, injecting money will in fact level out the economy…buut its all a means to an end. In 8 to 10 years the effects are felt and they are ten times worse then they would have been at the time. Luckily, the president of the time will be long gone, sucking mimosas paid for by yours truly. Something analogous to this event would be like doing bumps at 5 o’clock on a Saturday morning. Or paying credit card bills with other credit cards. It never ever EVER turns out good.

5.  It weakens our viability globally. I makes other countries less likely to trade at a deficit or lend us money in the future because the value of our dollar is nill. So, for all you neo-cons out there, this should concern you. 

6. Nowhere in our constitution does it say that we can have a centralized paper currency controlled by the government. In fact, it says the opposite. America is supposed to have gold and silver as its money.

Pelatiah Webster, an economist, said in regard to the U.S. deciding against a gold standard and choosing a paper money to pay for the revolutionary war, “If it saved the State, it has also polluted the equity of our laws, turned them into engines of oppression and wrong, corrupted the justice of our public administration, destroyed the fortunes of thousands who had most confidence in it, enervated the trade, husbandry and manufactures of our country, and went far to destroy the morality of our people.”

Im sure there are more reasons I’m forgetting, but even just one of these reasons is enough for me to say “enough is enough, I want out.” 

So here are a couple things I do to subvert the fed.

1. Pay as little taxes as possible. Donate to a charity that you believe in. Even taking some time off and volunteering in disaster relief can be itemized and deducted (plane tickets, food, hotel etc…) or better yet, start your own 501 (c)3. If its 100% not for profit, the books are impossibly simple to keep. And it allows you to know absolutely that your money is being spent well.

2. DO NOT save your money. Spend it on assets such as land, precious metals and crypto-currency. Even your retirement should be converted to an GOLD IRA. When spending your money instead of saving it, ask yourself “will this be worth more in the future?” Your assets need to be able to generate money faster than the depreciation of the value of the dollar. Best case scenario, you buy a home on some property outright, then rent it out. 

3. If you’re like me, you like to acquire more wealth. One way I do that is by working a second job. I asked to get paid under the table. I applied to 20 other jobs. Mainly pithy part-time work for not a lot of cash. So, there was little harm in asking. It worked. Yeah I only make $14 an hour. But those are $14 tax free dollars, and I get to stay in a lower tax bracket, saving me thousands. Now, I can afford great health insurance for my family, whereas before I could not and had to apply for medicaid. It sucked. 

4. Speaking of insurance, if you have two cars, the family car and a commuter, don’t insure the commuter. Yeah its illegal, but what the hell isn’t. Insurance is heavily taxed by the government. Keep their grubby hands off of your property.

5. Brew your own beer. Its not hard, and can be very fun. Alcohol is heavily taxed by the government. 

By now you’re probably thinking to yourself “ he’s not telling me how to subvert the fed, he is just telling me to commit tax fraud.” Yes and no. By keeping the money you earned, you hasten the inevitable fall of the U.S. dollar. Which is what we want because then it will be replaced with a decentralized currency based on something real, as opposed to imaginary. Which is what the value of the Dollar is. 

Now, for the most important tip of them all…

6. Just stop playing pretend. Start paying for things with real money like Gold, silver, or bitcoin. Hahaha I can hear the boomers in the chat already “but Sovereign, bitcoin isn’t real…” I am telling you now, bitcoin is more real and less imaginary than the u.s. dollar is. Bitcoin is decentralized, the dollar isn’t. Bitcoin is finite, the dollar is infinite. Bitcoin takes effort to collect (similar to gold and silver), the dollar doesnt take any effort. Bitcoin cannot be counterfeited, the dollar is insanely easy to counterfeit….I could go on. 

Moral of the story is stop playing pretend with pretend money. Use the real thing and demand others use the real thing. By the way, if you want a simple explanation of bitcoin and blockchain let me know and I will blog one.

The Danger of American Public "Education" Part 1

“The silence was the most deafening sound, the sound of defeat.” – WWI veteran

America is defeated. This experiment has failed.This experiment which has allowed for the most individual freedom in history. This experiment which has lifted more people out of poverty world wide than ever before. The American experiment was a country that produced: the most innovation, the most creativity, the best manufacturing. 98% of the most important innovations were created in America.  This experiment which has progressed technology above and beyond what we thought was imaginable, time and time again is fallen. It’s over. The United States is breathing its last breath. On the exhale, nothing will be the same. All we can do is reassess, recognize where it went wrong, and rebuild.

So, what did go wrong? How was the greatest, most free, most powerful country in history defeated without a single shot being fired? Ideological Subversion. Ideological subversion was the knife that was used to plunge into the heart of our culture. How was it implemented? The American public school system.  A simple and easily understood explanation of ideological subversion  is provided by a defector of the Soviet Union, Yuri Bezmenov. Even though he speaks of it in terms of country vs. country, the truth is ideological subversion of the American peoples started as early as 150 years ago by Americans! John D. Rockefeller to name one person who was involved in propagating the control and infantilization of the American people. His weapon of choice? Teachers.

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